Monday, May 23, 2011

Charlie's Angels TV, Again?

They seriously need to just leave the Charlie's Angels memory to die peacefully in its well deserved grave. It has already been around the block, and I'm sorry but this is not like Superman, you can't just keep recycling it. I can already feel that this will be a TV flop. Just based on this promotional image below, it already looks like cheese. Seriously, could they get someone in to completely reconfigure what they're trying to go for with the wardrobe and costumes? I like the jumpsuit, but the 70's vibe is pretty half-assed. I'm also a forever fan of Lucy Liu, so the fact that they don't have an Asian in this version pisses me off.

I REFUSE TO WATCH THIS ABC! I WILL FORCE MYSELF TO WATCH SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER FIRST. And that will probably never happen since I refuse to watch a show that involves people with braces getting pregnant.

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