Monday, May 23, 2011

Beyoncé Owned the BMA's

If I didn't like Beyoncé before, which to be completely honest I have been pretty indifferent about her for the majority of her career, then I've def changed my mind after watching her 2011 Billboard Music Award performance. It was actually preceded by a video of a slew of interviews of people confessing their love for Beyonce. Yes, we get it, everyone freakin loves Beyonce -its shit like interviews confessing they love someone that really makes me hate the person of discussion even more... I do not need Michelle Obama and I DEFINITELY do not need Lady Gaga to tell me that Beyonce changed the world. I think I would be able to make that judgement call myself if she actually did change the world. But anyways, unnecessary confessional video montage aside, I really enjoyed her live performance to "Who Run the World" (Girls) and liked the concept of the video incorporated into her choreography.

I also like the song itself, since I can be, yes, a little bit feminist at times. I find nothing wrong with that, although I don't condone the act of growing out armpit hair or not wearing bras.

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  1. Beyonce- Run the World (LIES)

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