Thursday, March 31, 2011

God Have Mercy On Our Hangovers

"Mercy" is a new product developed by Alex Ott, a celebrity bartender- apparently there's celebrity everything now: chefs, trainers, stylists, baby clothing designers... but anyways, it's caffeine-free and you can drink it during or right after drinking so you can wake up with less of a a pounding migraine. There's like science involved, something about gluta-blah blah and aceto-blah blah, which I read about on their website, and sounded pretty legit. There's even drink mixing suggestions, it's a possible future mixer for your Patron.

One of their selling points is that it also prevents face flushing. The explanation is pretty funny actually:

"If your body can’t break down acetaldehyde, as is the case with many individuals of Asian descent, it can cause alcohol flush. More commonly known as “Asian Flush,” symptoms include a reddening of the face, dizziness and nausea, which can ruin anyone’s night. MERCY helps your body break down acetaldehyde and alleviate those symptoms."

Yeah, people don't believe sometimes when I tell them that I'm cheap date because it's racially genetic, they think I'm just trying to make being a light weight sound not so wussy. Suck it!

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