Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Braided Up-Do

Okay, seriously, how do I do this? I can never figure out where they hide the ends of the braid so that it looks continuous. I wish I had white girl hair sometimes (blonde, wavy, and fine, in other words...), my asian hair may be thick and shiny but it is SO unmalleable. If it doesn't want to be styled a certain way, then it won't. Also, the awesome styles that Hollywood throws my way usually involve carelessly tousled waves, which if I were to achieve that aspect of whatever style it is, it would be anything but careless. It would actually be very carefully planned an calculated, involving a curling iron, countless brushes, hairspray, and unmentionable heat damage. Case in point, if you look at these braid styles below - if the waves were not present, the look would be too severe. What I REALLY need is a professional hair stylist, but until then, I'll just gaze in jealousy at everyone that can get their hair to do what they want it to besides lay straight and flat on the skull.

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