Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ken Wants Barbie Back!

I didn't know this because it's hard to keep up with Barbie news when you're not an 8 year old girl, but I did some research after seeing this news story on CNN (quality news these days, huh?). There is currently a Mattel campaign, I guess to revive the Barbie brand, of Ken trying to win back Barbie's love, which apparently their relationship took a break in 2004 on Valentine's Day... wtf! And now you can go to the website and vote whether or not you think their relationship should take another go.

There's billboards up in some cities and everything... I'm pretty sure the pic below was taken in Los Angeles because I recognize that white building in the background.

Okay, so earlier when I said I did some research, I actually only read the history of Barbie and Ken's relationship on the Barbie and Ken website.


  1. ok i know its another case of big business targeting kids, but this is cute!
    i love that billboard. its adorbs.

  2. this ken does have a lil case of the 'gay face' though. to quote perez hilton

  3. Since when does ken have real hair instead of plastic molded into the shape of hair?? SO many questions... I think Ken looks more attractive here than e usually does though.

    Emily, you'll be pleased to know I voted "yes", I mean, obviously Ken is trying really hard to win the gal back if he's purchasing billboard ad space!!! Wish Ken was a real person and woo me instead...