Saturday, February 5, 2011

No Glass Allowed at the Pool?

Whiskey in a can! Bring it to the beach and the pool, and tell the cops to SUCK IT!!! And then offer them a can of whiskey, because they might be pissed you're telling them to suck it. It's not actually scottish, it just says it on the can for marketing purposes, but who cares. Apparently sometime in the near future, they will be producing similar products for gin, vodka, and other types of hard liquor. I kind of have been doing this for years (everclear in a plastic water bottle?), can't believe I never thought to sell it. Because, who wouldn't want to buy the bottle of hot, cheap liquor I've been carrying around in my purse?

Buy Some Whiskey!


  1. its whisky though not whiskey. when the fda makes you misspell a name, its because the product is 'whiskey like' .... more research totes necessary!

  2. I actually did some digging on this as a result of your comment, and the variations on "whiskey" and "whisky" are regional rather than a result of government regulation. Whisky with no "e" is the traditional spelling for scottish and welsh varieties while whiskey is more commonly used on Irish and American brands-- although I read that its not uncommon to be inconsistent, as with the American brand "Maker's Mark", the label says whisky. I'm guessing the can says "Whisky" because it's trying to market as a Scottish product (although it's actually Panamanian)-- as for the alcohol content, everything I've read says its the first product to market straight whisky from a can, so I'm guessing it really is just straight up liquor. If you go to the website I linked below the image, it as the alcohol percentages