Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I mean, they ARE called killer whales

Once again, cue people's shock and dismay in response to something that is, yes, appalling but not all that surprising (ahem, tiger woods). A 40 yr old trainer, Dawn Brancheau "slipped" (that's the official report right now, though a probably hysterical and emotional eyewitness claims she saw the whale jump up and drag her in) into a tank in the whale holding area. Shammy dragged her down and drowned her, it being suggested that he thought it was playtime and not knowing his own strength.

If this whale is convicted of murder, he's gonna be put to sleep probs. I mean, I am saddened for this trainer and her family and it is really tragic that this happened but... has anyone ever thought that KILLER WHALES AREN'T MEANT TO BE TRAINED? It's not the first time a trainer was accidentally killed by their whale. Just sayin, don't act surprised.

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