Wednesday, February 24, 2010

transforming into some kind of scaled creature

So this weird thing happens to me every winter: the top of my right hand starts to feel like sun-dried leather. No where else on my body does this happen. My legs, sure they're a little dry, but that's to be expected. My elbows? I mean, no surprise there. And my left hand is as soft and supple as ever. But my right hand is so flaky and dry, it legitimately does not feel like skin...more like some kind of synthetic plastic gone horribly wrong.

And the part that really is a hassle is that no matter how much lotion I put on it, it just stays the same! It's basically like putting oil on top of saran wrap. But anyways, I have been struggling with this strange and specific ailment for many years of my life and these products work if I use them erryday, erry morning and erry night (and that's better than nothing).

Korres body lotion--It's really heavy, feels like yogurt. However, it moisturizes like a dream. But at a hefty price of $27, it BETTER moisturize like a dream and be made of gold.

My favorite scent in the whole world is lemon, so when I found this body lotion at Target for like 8 bucks, it was like a dream come true since it's definitely not okay to use pine-sol as a body lotion. It doesn't feel airy like most more expensive lotions do though, a little bit greasy afterwards which is a downer, but it does do the job.

Love me some Burt's Bees, but I think part of it is their marketing. The shea body butter is the best lotion out of their moisturizing line, but my only qualm is how waxy it feels...but I have a feeling that's supposed like, a selling point of theirs because they're made of beeswax. I don't really see the reasoning, but whatever.

And as we all know, beauty doesn't have to break the bank. Queen Helene's Cocoa Butter, which is only sold in like economy size...the bottle is like the length of my forearm, literally- is moisturizing and doesn't leave you feeling greasy or waxy. It's geared towards African Americans who are known for their ashy skin (go figure I would need to use this product) so it's like literally the perfect product. The only problem is traveling with such a large bottle...

Well, I usually give up moisturizing by the end of winter because I'm so tired of it, and then when Spring comes along, all this dead skin (on my right hand only, apparently) just sloughs off like i'm a snake or something. So, I think I'm transforming into some kind of scaly creature for the time being.


  1. OMG I am OBSESSED with Korres lotion. I didn't think anyone else used it. OBSESSED!

  2. i knew you would like the post, because you love lotion!