Friday, March 25, 2011

Mary-K and Smashley

Mary-Kate and Ashley are some classy broads, I don't care what people say. They actually have created extremely high-end brands, The Row and Elizabeth & James. I respect them for being involved in every aspect of their brand design process. I mean, can't really say the same for Lindsay Lohan (really, a legging collection?) or Jessica Simpson shoes.

Love them.


  1. while i usually dont take up for Jessica simpson, she is more than just shoes and her brand is worth over 100 million dollars if not more. but the olsens are putting out a better quality of product

  2. Oh yeah, there ain't never been a quesh about the ridiculous amounts of money Jessica Simpson brand brings in! However, the success of her products probably have very little to do with her leadership or creative input, which was what I was trying to say. It's easy to make money, but it's not easy to make a name for yourself, and the fact that I will probably never see Jessica Simpson shoes/clothing/whatever at Fred Segal proves that.