Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oscars 2011 Fashion: Hot Mess All Around

From what I'm seeing on this year's red carpet, it's mostly hot mess. There isn't that much color, although more red than usual. I'm underwhelmed... last year I felt there was more avant-garde choices. Here are the nominees (& click the images to englarge!):

I mostly like these pieces because they use color. I'm tired of the nude color trend, it is so boring. I especially LOVE LOVE LOVE Mila Kunis' choice, the dress shape is absolutely perfect. Ugh, so classy!

Hot Messes
Where do I even start? Scarlett Johannson definitely looks the worst here. I mean, besides that I hate Scarlett Johannson regularly, even when she's wearing good looking clothes, looking at her now makes me close to vomiting. God, people, you're at the Oscars, can you try not to look like such a freaking mess?!

Completely Mediocre
Most of the celebs, in my opinion, looked either completely mediocre, or straight up gross. I couldn't find anyone that made me say "WOW! you can pull that off" or "OMG, so classy", with maybe the exception of Mila. Reese was my only big disappointment, only because I know she can do better than this. Well, maybe next year...

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