Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kim Kardashian IMPOSTER: Melissa Molinaro!

Old Navy's new and annoying commercial features Miss Molinaro, basically a Kim K. look-alike. It's kind of like a knock off (ya know, à la Fendi purse fake) of the real thang. Maybe this is like, Old Navy symbolism - instead of spending millions of dollars on an expensive celeb, pay a fraction of the price for a product that looks the same, but may vary in quality. So... instead of paying 200 bucks for Kate Spade sandals, dish out a mere $5 for foam Old Navy flip flops! Okay, but in all fairness, Old Navy's quality and design has improved significantly over the past few years, they have been upping the ante on their ad campaigns. I am just being brutal bc I think it's funny they ACTUALLY got a Kim Kardashian knock-off.


  1. first of all, $20 for kate spade sandals? try $120. which is still completely out of my budget. second, this commercial does not make me want to shop at old navy. and i DO occasionally shop at old navy. old navy sucks in terms of long-term wear, but for cheapo t-shirts and summer dresses, it works.

  2. lol 20 bucks was a typo, clearly kate spade sandals would cost more than that

  3. just fixed it to 200, hopefully not too many people saw my editing faux pas!! also, I haven't been to old navy in a while, but I have been in a few times and their stuff looks a lot better than I remember it