Monday, January 24, 2011

People Still Pay Avril Lavigne to Make Music?

LOL@Avril Lavigne, who just released her new video for her song, "What the Hell", which I (and I'm sure everyone else) was completely unaware was even out for public listening. The song is predictably pop and the video is being raped by product placement--seriously, could they linger on that Sony Ericsson digital camera for a few seconds longer? The song is, I admit, catchy, but I can't help be spiteful and look back on the days when Avril would get defensive and claim her music was alternative. To be frank, I'm shocked that over the course of over ten years, she has completely and utterly failed to grow at all as a musician... and judging from her wardrobe, as human being. Someone who has been divorced should stop dying their hair pink. Please.

I hope you LOLed. Everything about this video made me laugh. Even the last scene when I realize the male lead is wearing a Beirut t-shirt. How insulting.

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