Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Patagonia, An Overpriced Obsession

The book, Unexpected: 30 Years of Patagonia Catalog Photography puts into print the unexplainable love people have for Patagonia fashion. I use fashion very loosely, since this is outdoor gear we're talking about, but again, Patagonia has a very distinct appeal (one that overpowers both The North Face and Columbia)... maybe it's the fact that everything is so absurdly overpriced that makes me want the absolutely mediocre fleece sweater in every color even more. The truth is I really love outdoor gear and feel really cool using my Nalgene in class, so my desire to purchase this book is unsurprising.

Plus, I love looking at old magazine fashion. Recently found a bunch of magazines in my closet from the early nineties... there is nothing more enjoyable than looking back at the inclinations of the past.

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