Saturday, December 11, 2010

Daft Punk: TRON

Okay, so I love Daft Punk. And I am really pumped about TRON. But why doesn't anyone else LOL at the fact that Daft Punk and Disney are collaborating? I've hidden this thought for fear of some douche bag predictably responding defensively about how it's not weird at all and then making some irrelevant comparison that doesn't even parallel this... but here is a safe space for me to say that there are several things ironic about TRON and Disney and Daft Punk, all together. Part of me thinks Tron looks really awesome and engaging... and another part of me is like, wtf is this movie gonna be about? Like, have you ever played the video game? Whatevs, Disney can do whatever the hell they want.

Here's the single off the TRON album:

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  1. I dont know if u have seen the film but it was awsome. daft punk and disney, why not? both the two combine makes the film even better. But watching the film there wasn't much hint for it being disney. the movie is very modern besides the retro 80's hints.