Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday is Black Because it's EVIL

I hate crowds. I hate dressing rooms. I hate people looking for bargains. I hate absolutely everything about black friday sales... back when my sisters used to visit for Thanksgiving/lived nearby, we'd go with our mom to Saks before 10 AM, and that is the one exception I have ever made to these godforsaken sales. Even then, I hated going there and seeing people I know would normally never be at Saks... you know the type: over-clad in Bebe/Coach, chunky highlights, too much bottom lid kohl eyeliner, and foundation that is too dark for their true skin tone. I wasn't pissed because they were buying things I actually wanted (as if I care that the Juicy Couture section is all sold out), it just pissed me off that I would ever have to shop in the same vicinity with them.

Anyways, since then, I've upgraded to simply shopping the sales online. Yes, there are less discounts, but I will gladly pay more for the convenience of not having to be unceremoniously shoved out of the way by some girl perspiring off all her concealer because she's idiot enough to wear a disgusting velour pantsuit to the biggest Saks sale of the year*. Which, btw I'm starting to rethink shopping at all, even online, anymore if something like this is trying to be marketed to me:


I won't lie, like every other girl who has given into almost impossible foot comfort, I own a pair of UGGs. But when I first saw these boots, I was so appalled at how truly ugly this product was, I almost didn't believe they were for sale. Because who would be dumb enough to think this would be a successful piece of consumer merchandise?

*lol, jk the sale the day after Christmas is bigger. DUH.

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