Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Graffiti Artists Get It Right

With midterm elections coming up in November, I am bombarded with words and images of initiatives, taxes, tea parties, etc etc etc. God, all people do is complain about tax cuts and marijuana, when really they just need to chill and realize the world is ending in 2012 anyways after the Chinese take over the world. By the way, I finally looked up what the freaking "Tea Party" is, and it's not, contrary to popular belief, a collection of young girls and their toys enjoying a hot saucer full of boiled herb water. It's actually middle-aged upper-middle class republican white men that probably used to be hippies because apparently they love protesting.


If I were a graffiti artist, I'd probably just be a homeless person spray painting images of meat all over city's buildings. And that's probably why I'm not a graffiti artist.

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