Sunday, May 16, 2010

Who Wrote the Maxim Hot 100?

Because its seriously misinformed. First of all, the fact that Britney Spears is #54 and people like Eliza Dushku and Emmy Rossum are higher up immediately lets me know that Maxim is not a credible source. Not to mention that Emmy Rossum isn't even remotely relevant anymore. Stephanie Pratt should for sure not be 36 places above Kristen Cavallari, just because Rihanna got beat up doesn't make her hot (no pity votes), and I'm not even sure if Emma Roberts is old enough to be in Maxim.

They're trying to tell me STEPHANIE PRATT is hot?

I also don't even know 50% of the girls listed, which lets me know that the men reading this list probably don't know about 90% because let's be real, I'm more informed about useless celebrity information than the average human being. And finally, their #1 is Katy Perry. VOMVOMVOM.

Read this terribly out of order list written here. Next year they should pay me to do it. No, actually, I don't even want their money, I just don't want them to publish such an embarrassingly untrue piece and claim it's a hot 100.

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