Sunday, May 2, 2010

Jazzfest Funtime

I was originally going to make this post about festival fashion because if you're ever been to New Orleans, there are some crazy people that wear really interesting costumes on a day-to-day basis (like, not just for special occasions...) and Jazzfest is teeming with great photo ops. Buuttt, I got nervous to ask people/too lazy as I lounged on the parades grounds of a breezy, overcast New Orleans day as I ate myself into a cajun coma. SO. instead, I have photo ops of... myself and my friends/family. I mean, way better, right? Well...Jazzfest comes around every year so maybe next time.

Dinosaur via Werd on the Sidwalk! We're blogging buddies and real friends! ....... friend Hanna and myself :)

the hip brooklynite brother-in-law and sis.

anndd, the type of foods sold at Jazzfest, and how they are sold (actual produce from a painted truck)

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