Sunday, May 2, 2010

AA Nail Polish

I was looking for a nail polish that looked like that jade color that Chanel had on their fall last season runways but of course it was sold out (slash, really expensive for nail polish) and now finally they have copies out... I mean, not to complain, but why are nail companies so late in this? There is usually just one it color for nails every season, you think they would be on their game. I mean, how hard is it to manufacture little bottles of paint? But anyways, American Apparel was the first I think to make a copy because I was searching a while ago and OPI didn't even have it yet.

LOVE the colors AA has but as usual their quality is somewhat subpar. If you put on a 2nd layer of nail polish too late then bubbles form between your layers, but if you put on the 2nd layer before the 1st one is dry, it doesn't look like a 2nd layer, obviously. Also, the paint brush they provide you with is also shitty-- it puts too much paint on at once so its get all globby. Well, a nice nail is achievable but not effortless like with the OPI brushes/polish quality. Oh well, you gotta do what you gotta do for some new colors (HINT HINT NAIL POLISH COMPANIES, STOP MAKING SO MANY FREAKING PINKS).

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