Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I'm a sentimental sap

Found this website that is like the opposite of FML - instead of the ironic and cynical musings of the unlucky majority of the world, this has testaments of optimistic, tear-jerkers. I mean, is it lame that after reading a few pages I couldn't stop the mild water works? I guess sometimes I forget that ridiculously good things happen in real life and not just in romantic comedies.
Try and tell me this doesn't make your heart swell:

"For 4 years, I've sent letters to 5 soldiers overseas.
And when I was diagnosed with cancer, I didn't have enough money for my own treatment, and sent a final letter to each of the soldiers. All 5 of their companies donated their paychecks to me, because my letters gave them hope."

"My friend got HIV at age 6 when she was raped.
She loved to learn, but couldn't continue in school after HS due to her illness. She died during my second year of college.
I found out at a memorial service that our history teacher had gone to her house to read to her every day until she died."

VISIT GivesMeHope

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