Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm back with some truth

Sorry, I was on the beach getting bronzed and beautiful. While under the golden rays in Gulf Shores, AL for spring break (in my one piece) I never left my condo area to go to other parties. Getting older, lazier, and losing hope in my ability to find a suitable significant other, especially doubting my judgment while under the influence of cheap wine could be the reason. Why would I want to accidentally give my number to the really fat frat guy after I had a couple of bud lights (yeah, I upgraded from natty...really moving up)?

Some girls just don't get it though. Party after party, they make bad choices and sooner than they realize, they have more people named "DON'T TEXT BACK!" in their address book than they ever intended. This chart really breaks it down:

So, when you've had a few drinks, take another look at the guy you're talking to at the bar. Is that Hawaiian print shirt and gap tooth REALLY an endearing quirk?

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