Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dream Wedding

Seriously, cable TV needs to stop brainwashing me with unrealistic expectations. All these new wedding shows are training me to be an unreasonable bride. After watching "Say Yes to the Dress", I began searching for hypothetical dream dresses... but I soon realized that I beginning to pretend this was real life and that I was losing perspective on what thousands of dollars actually looks like. For example:

$4,600 - $7,990

$$$$ (code on the monique lhuiller website meaning $7,000 - $20,000...such a narrow price gap, right?)

$6,100 - $7,990, after browsing through dresses for awhile, the differences in thousands started to seem like nothing. LIke, 4,000 to 7, big deal, right? NO, THAT'S A 3,000 DOLLAR PRICE RANGE. THOUSANDS. I was obviously delusional. I mean, besides that fact that all those dresses look distinctly similar, I definitely don't have thousands of moola in my bank account...or a boyfriend...or even any friends that are boys.

On a more reasonable note, Vera Wang is launching a collaborative, affordable line with David's Bridal! Reportedly, the dresses will cost from $600 - $1400. The line isn't named yet, but I can't wait to see and maybe fantasize some more about my imaginary wedding on a lower budget.

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