Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I'm fat.

I've just come to terms with it. Like, there's no way around the fact that I have gained more weight than ever and I am just too damn lazy to go to the gym and work it off. It's not that I've gained that many pounds --okay, maybe I have, but it is especially enhanced by the fact that all my blubber collects in my belly. WTF? Some people complain about it going to their ass or thighs. I'M SORRY, TRY LOOKING PREGNANT, OKAY?

Anyways, low self esteem aside, this Spring Break, I have finally succumbed to the dreaded one-piece. Not that there's anything wrong with a one-piece, but I can't wait to see those tan lines at the end of the week. Black person limbs, white person butt, stomach, and chest. Bring it on.

I found some trendy one-pieces that could possibly disguise my beer gut and enhance my 34 A boobs.

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