Tuesday, March 9, 2010

faves and faux pas

Watched the oscars last night to look at the beautiful gowns and watch movies I've never seen or even heard of get awards (obviously I need to stop going to movies like Valentine's Day). My favorite dressers of the night:

I'm pretty sure both Zoe Saldana and Vera Farmiga have been listed on various worst dressed oscars lists, but most people making those lists are probably wearing Hollister when they type the rough draft in their shitty apartment in some expensive city where they're trying to make it in journalism (and let me tell you, chances are slim whoever wrote the worst dressed list on moviefone.com). Anyways, I chose these four based on how interesting artistically the dress was, not how practical aka boring, although in Cameron Diaz's case, she is both practical and interesting. It's the Oscars, like when else would you wear a fabulously overly avant-garde long dress? Zoe is wearing Givenchy Haute Couture, Cameron is wearing Oscar de la Renta (and looking extremely classy), Vera is wearing Marchesa, and Rachel is wearing Elie Saab. And I'm wearing a men's t-shirt and nike shorts and I definitely need to wash my hair.

At least I don't look like these hot messes. Geez

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