Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Year of the Tiger

For those of you who don't know me (probably almost everyone reading this, if anyone) I'll let you know that I'm obsessed with keeping up with my horoscope. So when I read my february horoscope (Cancer) and it said I should start something new and exciting this month, a blog seemed appropriate since I waste all of my time reading up on useless information anyways.

It's also the third day of Lunar New Year! You know, that other type of zodiac with like tigers, boars, snakes, monkeys, etc? Well, the asian new year is different in that it follows the moon, unlike western astrology that follows the movement of the sun. Anyway, why not start of Year of the Tiger with something fresh?

I know most of you probably don't believe in this crockpot of shit, I know it's tough to trust yahoo horoscopes (i read them anyways, fyi...) here are forecasts that I trust...seriously, read up on them they can be scary tru.

Susan Miller's AstrologyZone.com

And here's one for the chinese new year!
Wayang Times Year of the Tiger Forecasts

Much love yall