Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lara Stone, "fat"

Lara Stone is a high fashion model who is pretty much the "fat girl" of the fashion industry. Well, they didn't say THAT, but fashion designers are booking her because they are fascinated with her "curves". She was first booked for a Givenchy show, and other major deisgners, including Karl Lagerfeld, following in suit because they loved her look. Lara is way fatter than all the other girls walking the catwalks, which makes me want to throw up.

Stone has said in interviews that sometimes she gets fed up with being called a "plus size model" and when people gawk at her curves. I'm sorry, WHAT? THERE ARE NO CURVES. The fashion industry is so fucked up.

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  1. Aww, Lara S! I love her when she doesn't smile, hahaha....BUT I can admit that she's a fierce bitch in print, lack of eyebrows and all.

    Speaking of FAT/Plus size, have you looked at the Mark Fast Fall 2010 runway photos?
    I was like Ummmmmm.....nty