Friday, June 10, 2011

Forget Yankee Candle, It's All About Man Cans

Okay, I don't know where this generalization came from where women only like fruity, floral, vanilla sweet smells and men like the smell of wood, grass, mint, and lemon, but it's bullshit because my favorite scent in the world is lemon. In particular, the smell of Pine-Sol (seriously, if I could wear Pine-Sol without any significant health concerns, I would). And then comes mint, rosemary, and the smell of trees. If someone hands me lotion that smells like wedding cake, I will never wear it. Which usually means I'm purchasing "man themed" products, like men's shampoo and soap. Well, this case is no different, as the next product that has appealed to me is the Man Can, a candle line aimed to appeal to the manly man. They have scents like campfire, black coffee, fresh cut grass, and grandpa's pipe!

Not only do the scents definitely beat vanilla and sugar cookie, but it's product with a purpose. The cans the candles are made in are old soup cans that were bought and donated to soup kitchens. Over 3000 cans have been donated! Anything to make me feel better about spending $9.50 on a chunk of wax.

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