Friday, May 6, 2011

Fratfellas, A Total Frat Move Promo

To be completely honest, I find Total Frat Move to be a monotonous website. You could basically replace every single entry with "I'm a huge asshole that perpetuates negative American stereotypes. TFM!" In the beginning, they were funny and sometimes witty, but there's only so many clever things you could say about being rich and preppy.

BUT, props to them for mixing it up by making this faux movie trailer, which is very entertaining. It's a hyperbole, though barely, because it's actually pretty true to form for the most part. Everything is consistent, from the Maker's Mark Whiskey to the Columbia PFG shirts. I particularly like that it specifies "The South, USA"... I feel like this could be a version of Gossip Girl, except every character would be Chuck Bass.

I like the pale, hairy, skinny white boy they have ripping off his fishing shirt at the 3:10 mark.


  1. amazing how the shots of a campus look like every southern campus from LSU to auburn to ut.

    also... i thought it couldve been improved with the addition of "free bird"

  2. anything can be improved with the addition of free bird

  3. as every frat-hard well knows. which is why they always request it.