Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cryptic Cannes Films, No Surprise Here

I was looking at trailers for films that were shown at the Cannes Film Festival after I got bored looking at the fashion. Seriously, I think whoever is making trailers is forgetting the point of a trailer... to inform, or at least give some kind of idea to the watcher what the movie might be about. At the end of the "Tree of Life" and "Sleeping Beauty" trailers, literally all I got were a series of cryptic images and mysterious sounding music. So.... yeah, that's pretty worthless.

I vaguely feel this is about prostitution... Ok, i'm lying, I didn't glean that from the trailer, I read the description on the youtube page.

lulz, one of the youtube comments: "you will be grown before Terrence Malick makes another movie." Ain't it the truth.

The sad part is, I'm probably gonna see both of these movies anyway. I just want more from trailers, is that so bad?!

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  1. wow, new too meee
    the first one - that our girl (Jane)

    Mandelbrot - would look nice in your red font