Thursday, April 14, 2011

J. Crew - Saturdays With Jenna

This J. Crew online promotional photo is supposed to depict Jenna Lyons, the prez and head honcho creative director, on a leisurely Sunday with her son, just dickin' around with some crayons and pink nail polish. And, of course, as usual, people have their panties in a twist about gender identity. Some go as far to say that it's a ploy to push the liberal agenda since J. Crew is a fave of Michelle Obama. I'm not gonna outright say that's retarded and let y'all use your own judgement on that one. But J. Crew is a giant corporation that mass produces clothing and outsources, so you would think they would be pushing the opposite agenda, but whatever, who needs common sense anyways.

But really, if Jenna Lyons wants to put pink nail polish on her son's feet, and her son enjoys it, then let her raise her child the way she damn well wants to.

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