Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Things 90s Kids Realize

Found a blog, Things 90s Kids Realize, that documents the realizations our 1990s generation kids have made in hindsight of our childhood.

The accompanying commentary along with each poorly-made MS Paint image is pretty funny, and strangely astute. My favorite observation is the one about Doug and how he loves Patty Mayo... WHY does he love her? She is the opposite of cute. I mean, granted, Doug is balding at 12 yrs old, so he's not much of a catch either.


  1. excuzzzzzze me. Kenan is on SNL!! he's fine on his own. its kel im worried about. he's probably off crying in a corner drinking orange soda and longing for the days when he was the host of the short lived Dance 360 on now defunct network UPN

  2. Yes, Kenan is on SNL, but its unarguable that they were the dream team together!