Sunday, October 3, 2010

Andrew Garfield, the New Tobey McGuire

While engaging in one of my favorite pastimes (creeping around on IMDB), I happened upon Andrew Garfield, aka the new guy suiting up in red and blue spider spandex. I also thought it was funny that he is 1. British (I still don't understand why we continue to cast British people for American roles and [especially] vice versa. It doesn't make any sense) and 2. he was the robot, Sheldon, in Spike Jonze's short film released a few months ago, "I'm Here"--which, by the way, may or may not have made me cry. What a versatile, British young man. He doesn't quite possess the endearing, lost puppy qualities of Tobey McGuire, but that's just me making a snap judgement.

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