Sunday, August 8, 2010

Who is the writer behind this?


Moderately funny, tongue-in-cheek. Can't tell if it's making fun of how ridiculous the hipster culture has become or if its legitimately trying to educate, but I think maybe it's intrinsically both. Even if it was making fun of hipster culture, it's clearly written by a hipster(s) trying to be hip by making fun of the hipster culture. I won't even get into how cyclical the irony is. I will say that the credibility of this handbook was severely (and I mean SEVERELY) tarnished in the segment "Clues You Are Not a Hipster", number 5: You eat at Popeye's on a regular basis.

I'm sorry, but Popeye's is something everyone is entitled to, free of judgement. You could be a vegetarian and I wouldn't judge you for eating Popeye's. SO. DELICIOUS.

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