Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fratty or Bratty?

"Total Frat Move" (TFM for short) is like "F My Life" but for frat daddies and sorostitutes. It's pretty funny, except I'm wondering how long the site will survive...there are only so many frat-themed jokes you can make. I mean, I can list them all in like 5 seconds- every comment will be based on golf, banging girls wearing pearls and David Yurman, whiskey, the republican party, and corporate america. I guess we should laugh while we can, before the jokes get old and redundant.

"GDI hit on my girlfriend at a bar. Would've kicked his ass but fist fights are for GDIs. I had my dad fire his dad. TFM.
- Daniel Fratcliffe"

One of the funnier things is that the people who submit their wise-cracks make greek-themed names (LOL@daniel FRATcliffe)... I'm guessing the website isn't as fun for fratties on the west coast and other non-traditional frat areas. I mean, let's be completely honest here, when I think of Frat, I don't think of UC Santa Barbara, and neither do you.

They also sell frat merchandise-- which, is it just me, or is that a little bit GDI to buy a t-shirt with quotes on it? They are funny though, I will give them dat.

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