Monday, August 16, 2010

Clean Out Cho Mouf

And clean your hands too. Did you know there's like 101.1% trillion chances you got sick bc yo hands are dirtay (and that's proven, extreme scientific fact)? It grosses me out when people don't wash their hands after using the bathroom-- uhhh you just wiped your ass (I hope, anyway) and you're not gonna WASH YO HANDZ? Soap, warm water, 20 seconds... not that hard, ok? But anyways, I've been thinking of germs bc I've been in the vicinity of like 100s of people in the last week and I get kind of weird about shaking people's hands. You just don't know where they've been. So I found some fun soaps that probably won't change anything about people's hygiene habits, but are cute and fun to look and possibly think about overspending on.


ALL of the soaps were found at ETSY.COM.

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