Saturday, July 17, 2010

I Should Just Rename the Blog "All About Emma Watson"

So just in case anybody cares about Emma Watson's love life, she is now dating George Craig, her Burberry co-model and also the frontman of the British indie band, One Night Only. Hmm, looks like somebody is trying to be Kate Moss. I guess that Brown trust fund kid, Rafael Cebrian couldn't keep up with her life of modeling and music festivals. Oh well, she is now dating an extraordinarily skinny boy who is a year younger than her and wears a LOT of hair gel and probably has an eating disorder (I mean, he is a male model...)

And now she is starring in her new beau's music video, "Say You Don't Want It", and you know I might've actually liked the song but you know how biased I am against Emma Watson. To my own credit though, her horrible acting skills predictably do not translate well into music videos, especially when the acting calls for her to imitate the mannerisms of a dog... why imagine how ridiculous that looks when you could just watch it below?

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