Tuesday, May 18, 2010


An Arab-American won Miss USA for maybe the first time in history (the records of the past are "unclear", but let's be honest, if we're making such a big ass deal about it now, obviously no Arab won in the 1940s) and WHOOPDEY DOO, what do ya know, people are making a big freakin deal about it and there is supposed controversy about blah blah blah.

Look, no one cares. And the people that do care are annoying. Now there's all this shit tying her to terrorists that backed her and muslim this and that and blah blah... uh, last time I checked Miss USA is one puffed up beauty pageant, and no matter what people say about how its about scholarship and try to dress it up in questions about welfare and illegal immigration, none of that matters. IT'S A LOOKS CONTEST. so as far as I'm concerned, terrorists funding her to look pretty and her half assed answer to her question about birth control, none of that matters because she's hot and she's a resident of Michigan so she's qualified to be in a Miss USA pageant.

God, when will people realize that it's actually not a big deal and they should probably be worrying about, oh I don't know, more important things like THE 5000+ BARRELS OF OIL GUSHING INTO THE FRAGILE GULF ECOSYSTEM.

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