Monday, March 1, 2010

Finally, Some Info

"So studies have shown that a teenager who smokes pot will still show cognitive deficits days later. An adult who smokes the same dose will return to cognitive baseline much faster."

Just read this article on NPR about the development of adolescent frontal lobes. I always try to look for information on weed because I mean, that shit has to be doing SOMETHING to you despite what every pothead in the world says about it not doing a damn thing after it wears off. Anyways, the article claims that weed can affect your cognitive ability the younger you are - and actually, this article is proposing that weed CAN become a moderately addictive substance in younger people because of the developing brain. The article also talks about other topics of interest, like why teens act rashly.

Don't get me wrong, I'm by no means anti-weed (seriously) , but it drives me nuts when people who smoke claim that weed has absolutely no affect on your body. We've admitted that drinking hurts your liver and tobacco hurts your lungs, can we please just fess up about marijuana? Its not a big deal, people have been abusing their bodies for centuries, why are potheads so stubborn on just admitting that weed is not an exception to science?


  1. "neural insulation isn't complete until the mid-20s."

    soooo technically I'm still a teen?

  2. i mean it makes sense for brain development to not be done yet.. i don't think they mean to call you a teen, but the article concentrates on teens