Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Chloé used to be cool from what I remember...

But from the looks of this... srsly, that is some ugly shit, Chloe. An entirely patchwork light wash jean outfit? All this needs is clogs and it would be perf.

Btw, remember when skinny jeans first became popular? I was one of those people who was like, anti-skinny jean but they stayed around for so damn long that they're the only jean I can imagine myself wearing now (my poor boot cuts feel so useless... ). I am hoping to god that this doesn't happen with clogs, because I can remember when they first started popping up last year on Ashley Olsen's little feet and if I look back on my youth in pictures and I'm wearing clogs, I'll probably die.

Not worried about this full jean ensemble trend, I'm almost 100% positive this crap is leaving by next season.


  1. Ummmmm head to toe denim = VOM VOM VOM. Unless you're wearing a denim onesie. Then I feel like it's okay because it's supposed to be worn together, all the denim is attached as one outfit, thus why its called onesie NOT A FREAKIN DENIM SHIRT PAIRED WITH FUGLY PATCHWORK JEANS! I'm very disappointed in Chloe

  2. also lol@ Who What Wear's diy of Chloe's s/s 10 collection