Saturday, February 20, 2010

Life Outside of Twilight

So Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are trying to be artistically selective in their film role choices to distance themselves from the Twilight mania that is going to be forever attached to those chiseled faces (ahem, Daniel Radcliffe aka Harry Potter in Equiss, anyone? Even being completely naked on stage will never detach him from HP)

Currently, they are each about to release low budget indie flicks in the midst of this Twilight Saga lull.

Kristen Stewart in "The Yellow Handkerchief" nice try though. Based in Louisiana and I love dat even though I know it will be about an hour and a half of southern movie cliches.

R. Patz is in "Remember Me" in which he plays a tortured rich young adult that is reckless and extremely good looking. There were other characters, I think, but I wasn't paying attention to them.

oh wait, I remember the other character...LOL, Pierce Brosnan?

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