Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Girl I Love to Hate

Emma Watson, yay or nay? For me, she's both. Yay because anything Harry Potter related is a source of interest to me, and nay because I just hate her (most of this stems from jealousy). She's so utterly ordinary (yes, pretty, but her otherwise uninteresting looks are enhanced by her station in life), yet she's famous and rich and will never have to work another day in her life. And actually, any celebrity that gets into an Ivy League is a sore point for me because under any other normal circumstance they probably wouldn't stand a chance. Please don't judge me for being green with envy.

But anyways. She's working with an ethical clothing company and produced her own collaborative clothing line with People Tree.

This is my problem with things like ethical clothing companies and when celebrities bitch and moan about how there's not enough companies that make organic clothing: you're the only assholes that can afford to buy that shit, okay? Sure, I love taking care of the environment when I can... throwing away my litter, recycling, etc. But every time I read an article with a celebrity talking about how much they care about animals and the earth and how they only wear organic clothing and then I see the price tag on the the photo shoot wardrobe (ahem, natalie portman) it's like, does it LOOK like the rest of society can afford a $700 dress from Lanvin?

Oh my bad, I think I saw a cardigan on the People Tree website for 150 pounds (aka $236.50). I'm not saying I don't support being organic, I'm saying that actually being organic is a luxury of the rich.

That aside, the actual clothing line itself is mediocre. Lots of knits, graphic tees, layering things... very british.

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